– Aircraft Leasing & Sales

– Aircraft Management Services

– Aircraft Parts & Accessories Manufacturers

– Airlines

– Airports/Airport Authorities

– Armed forces

– Associations & organizations

– Auxiliary Power Unit Manufacturers

– Aviation marketing services

– Avionics manufacturers

– Avionics Distributors, Dealers & Services

– Cabin Equipment & Services

– Cabin/Cockpit Audio-Visual Equipment

– Catering services

– Colleges & universities

– Component Design & Engineering

– Composite Materials Manufacturers

– Computer software & services

– Constructions & engineering services

– Consulting services

– Electrical Systems Manufacturers

– Engine Manufacturers

– Engine Parts, Components

– Flight Deck Equipment Manufacturers

– Flight Simulator Manufacturers

– Financial & business services

– Ground Support Equipment Manufacturers

– Ground transportation

– Hanger sales, design & construction

– Health & safety products

– Instrument manufacturers & distributers

– In-flight entertainment systems

– In-flight telecommunications systems

– Insurance

– Lighting – Aircraft & Airports

– Maintenance & Repair Stations

– Safety & emergency equipments

– Satellite communications

– Security systems

– Simulation Training Equipment

– Training Programs

– Tool manufacturers & distributions

– Weather services

And other aviation suppliers

In addition to the aircrafts static display the flying display will also take place every day during the exhibition. The companies interested to take part in this part are required to inform the exhibition secretariat no later than one month before the beginning of the event.

The free of charge official catalogue of the exhibition will be exclusively published by the organizer of the show. The catalogue entry information which shall not exceed 200 characters will be provided by the exhibitor.

Exhibitors active in different fields of aviation, aerospace, airlines and the other related industries may complete and sign the registration form and reserve the required space and submit the completed form to the exhibition secretariat no later than September 2018, 27.

  • Shell scheme (min. space 18 sqm): Euro 320 per sqm

Each 18 sqm of shell scheme booth includes partition walls, floor carpet, one 100w light per each 3 sqm, one 5 amp/220v single phase socket, one waste paper basket, two chairs, one table and one fascia with the company name.

Indoor Raw Space

The organizer may provide exhibitors with a bare surface (if requested by the exhibitors) Euro 300 per sqm and in this case the exhibitors are required to build their stands at their own expenses. The minimum space for allocation shall be 36 sqm.

Up to 1 ton ……………………………………. 700   euro

3-1 tons ………………………………………… 1200 euro

10-3 tons ………………………………………. 1700 euro

25-10 tons …………………………………….. 2200 euro

over 25 tons ………………………………….. 3000 euro

The above charges do not include landing and other charges, which will be levied separately by the local authorities.

Rules and regulations

  • Acknowledging the terms and conditions the application form will be completed, officially signed in due course.
  • Written confirmation will be given to the space reservation and will apply only to the firm shown in the application form. The contract between the organizer and the exhibitor becomes effective with the acceptance of the application.

100% of the total charges to be paid before 27th Sep. 2018

A copy of the remittance will be sent to the organizers address, in order to avoid any misunderstanding regarding payments, the exhibitor is required to advise the organizer of the exact date and amount of remittance.

The bank payment to be transferred to:

Exhibitors will be notified of their space allocation following the closing date for application. No part of space allotted to any exhibitor may be transferred, assigned, sublet or shared with any other exhibitor or with any other person or corporation without the prior agreement of the organizer.

  • Import of any kind of goods to Kish Free Zone is permitted with the exception of the goods which are prohibited in accordance with the Islamic laws of the country.
  • Exhibits are not permitted to be removed from the stand during exhibition period.
  • Exhibitors may carry out demonstration on tools and machinery after obtaining the approval of the organizer.

All necessary precautions should be taken while such demonstrations are being conducted.

The organizer provides insurance for covering risks that may occur to the exhibition areas. This does not include the exhibits nor the belongings of the exhibitors, thus exhibitors are expected to insure their own goods and personnel against all risks and the third parties against damages caused by their own personnel or contractors.

In the event of an exhibitor’s withdrawal from the exhibition, 45 days before the opening date all payments made by the exhibitor shall be refunded. In case the exhibitor cancels the reservation within 45 days before holding the exhibition, only 80% the payment shall be refunded.

  • The organizer has the right to take photographs or films of any part of the exhibition for the use in the publications of the exhibition.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for the safeguarding of their exhibits during the visiting hours of the fair. The organizer takes the same responsibility after the closing doors during the period of the exhibition.
  • The exhibitor is required to carry out necessary measures for safe-keeping of his precious exhibits.
  • Exhibitors are required to remove all the inflammable materials such as empty cases, packing materials etc., from their pavilions and stands.
  • Naked lights or any flame-producing articles are prohibited from storage in the halls. Neither oil nor other types of fuel may be stored on the site. Exhibitors requiring oil or other types of fuel for demonstration purposes are asked to consult the organizer.
  • The organizer is empowered to take any security measures necessary.

The exhibitor shall not cause or permit any damage to the exhibition buildings or any part thereof or to any of the fixtures and fittings therein not property of the exhibitor and shall not alter or interfere with structure of the exhibition buildings. Any exhibitor in breach of the regulation shall indemnify the organizer in respect of any claim for such damage.

The organizer will arrange for the cleaning of outdoor and indoor areas. The exhibitor is responsible for the daily cleaning of the stand before the opening hour.

  • Those exhibitors who construct their stands should submit a copy of their proposed design at least 30 days before opening date of the exhibition in order to get the approval of the organizer.
  • The organizer has the right to make any changes in the proposed design if necessary.
  • All stand construction and decoration must be completed 24 hours before the opening of the fair.
  • Any waste materials resulting from the construction of stands should be disposed correctly 2 days before opening of the fair. The organizer has the right to remove any such items and to charge the exhibitor.
  • Exhibitors should vacate pavilions and stands allotted to them whether indoor or outdoor, and remove exhibits, decoration materials and any other installation and return the stands to the former state and hand them over to the organizer no later than 3 days after the termination of the fair.
  • In case an exhibitor fails to vacate his pavilion after 3 days allowed , the organizer has the right to vacate the stand and is not responsible for damages caused to the remaining exhibits in the pavilions and stands .
  • Electricity shall only be supplied through the exhibition Center’s official contractor.

Exhibitors are requested to dismantle the stands and pavilions and installations (indoor and outdoor) 5 days after the termination of the fair at the latest. Otherwise the organizer will dismantle the stands and pavilions and installations at the exhibitor’s expense and they will have no right to demand compensation.

Claims by  exhibitors against the organizer arising  from  their  stand rental and conditions connected  there with will only be accepted up to 15 working days after termination of the exhibition. All complaints must be brought to the notice of the organizer for preliminary consideration before they are taken to other legal bodies. If the organizer does not consider the complaints within two months after receiving them, exhibitors have the right to submit their claims to the legal court. Any disputes arising from this agreement shall be decided by the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Infringement of the regulations.

If an exhibitor does not observe the rules and regulations, the organizer has the right to stop his working in the stand at any time, and the exhibitor has no right to demand compensation.

Exhibitors shall move-in to the Exhibition venue according to the arrangements and within the limits specified by the Organizers.

  • The arrangement and payment for transporting goods to and from the Exhibition venue are entirely the responsibility of the Exhibitor.
  • All exhibits stand materials and the like shall be removed immediately after the closing of the Exhibition according to arrangements and within the time limits specified by the Organizer. Any exhibits or stand materials left behind at the Exhibition venue shall be deemed forsaken and shall be disposed by the Organizers at the expense of the Exhibitor concerned. All proceeds (if any) of such disposal shall be retained by the Organizers.
  • The Organizers reserve the right to appoint for more exclusive contractor(s) to handle the movements of all goods and exhibits in and out of the Exhibition venue.
  • Only electricity can be used as a source of light or power in the exhibition venue.
  • All electrical works shall be carried out at the exhibitor’s expense by the official contractor appointed by the organizer. Design, plans or proposals for electrical installation must be submitted to the organizers for approval, not later than 20 days before the Exhibition.
  • Applications for the supply of electricity must be submitted to the official contractor of the organizer.

No entry visa is required to Kish Island.

Foreign nationals who enter the Kish Island from abroad need not get a previous visa. Those who intend to enter the mainland of the I.R of Iran before or after entering the Kish Island should apply for an entry visa in due time.

Hotels and Accommodation Centers.

Information on hotels and accommodation centers in Kish Island is available at www.iranairshow.com